Thursday, November 9, 2017

Project Zebra - Complete!

Another finished quilt to share with you dear readers! Project Zebra was the code name I assigned since this was a secret surprise quilt for the recipient.

Two weeks ago, we found out a coworker was retiring and a couple of us decided we'd make a quilt for her as we've done for other staff members that have moved or retired or had a baby. S has been with the Quilt Museum since we opened almost 27 year ago so it was clear to me that she deserved a full-sized quilt and not just a small wall piece.

I modified block 1755 : Prairie Flower : from Barbara Brackman's book and decided on black and grey fabric for the background. Then I rounded up each staff member to choose a fabric to be the center of the block (flower) and pulled several staff to help cut and draw lines for making stitch 'n flip corners.

This was a lot of fun to piece and see how fabrics chosen by 25 different people can look amazing in the same quilt! It measure about 60"x 72" and I call it Stained Glass.

I quilted it on Gilbert - my trusty Janome. Using a variety of Aurifil threads to echo inside the center flowers and then in black thread to stipple in the black background fabric. Stitching black on black was a little tricky to follow, especially in the evening with less natural light - but I had a tight deadline and made it work.

We gifted it to S today and she loved it! :D  There's a piece of all of us in it to remember her many years of dedication to the Museum and I know she'll love it forever. Gifting quilts is the best!
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  1. What a lovely retirement gift I am sure that it will be much treasured!
    Thanks for linking it up to TGIFF too.

  2. This is so pretty! I love all of the different fabrics you've used!

  3. Hi Bee,
    What a special and thoughtful gift. I can totally see why S loved this, and will really feel all the love and well wishes that are sewn into it. My favorite part is the code name - Project Zebra. I am totally going to steal that next time I have a secret project I'm working on. Love it! So Mission Impossible or spy-ish. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Beautiful work and such a lovely memento for your co-worker.

  5. The name stained glass is perfect for your very cool quilt!! Know it will be loved! Julia

  6. What a lovely retirement gift. Beautiful.

  7. Super nice result. That's a good idea with lots of contributors and no sashing, to pre-mark certain tasks so things come out uniform!

  8. What a nifty block! It would be perfect for a Block Lotto swap. (Boy, do I miss BL!)