Saturday, January 21, 2017

in a playful manner

So you may recall dear readers that I work at a Quilt Museum (bestjobever)! Well, in the Fall, we had a donation of several Frivol tins from Moda so our boss created a staff quilt challenge. The guidelines stated we had to choose a tin and make something with the fabrics in it - no size requirements or themes so we all had free reign to play!

Quilts were due at the end of 2016 and we ended up with 8 total finishes - each one unique and spanning techniques from fusible appliqué, pieced designs, hand quilting, dresden plates, english paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, machine quilting!

There were several local judges - quilters & quilt appreciators.  My quilt won Second Place! Eeeeee! :)   We'll be hanging all of the quilts in our education hallway in the next week so that our visitors will be able to enjoy them as well. 

I chose Frivol #9 & spent some days trying to figure out what I wanted to create before landing on a sketch I made during the #30daysofquiltdesign challenge. (seriously - what a useful challenge)

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: Moda Grunge Ocean & Frivol Tin #9 - Little Miss Sunshine
Title: Scherzando  - a musical direction meaning in a playful manner
Size:  38.5" x 53.75"
Finished: December 2016
Original design using paper pieced feather blocks from Quiet Play & Play Crafts
machine pieced & quilted by me on my Janome 7700

My quilt features paper pieced feathers using Quiet Play's feather pattern & a free pattern from Play Crafts. I sorted the tin fabrics by color to give the feathers a gradated look and used Sketch print in black for the stems/spines. Piecing the feathers was pretty easy though they did take some time with all the sections - I watched a lot of NCIS putting these together! The background fabric is Moda Grunge in Ocean. 

After the feathers were pieced, I tried several layout options and then worked to puzzle piece the negative space background fabric into place. It's entirely pieced and machine quilted with Aurifil threads. I FMQ windy swirls along the feathers so it's like they are being blown up & across the quilt. 

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