Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quarter 4 2016 plans I managed to not finish anything from Q3! I did make some progress on that list, but I also started about 6 new projects too, so there's that.   hahaha  Linking up with SloStudio!
 This quarter *should* have actual finishes...

project swap: Joined the #quietplayswap on Instagram for the Circle of Love pattern #qpteamlove -it's quilted now & I'm tying off threads.

project Disco: mostly quilted now so progress is happening on this-hooray!

project celebrate: a word of the year inspired quilt, where I quilted in events that occurred during my 'celebrate' year. All it needs is binding!
 project Radar wave: basted  & needs a plan of action on the quilting

project Marsala-challenge: basted & needs a plan of action on the quilting

project Campfire: fabric pull with inspiration image on the background fabric as the beginnings for this quilt. It's a small challenge between Momm & I to make campfire inspired wall quilts using the same backing print.

project winter quilt: this came to be a quilt top at retreat in January...maybe it could be done by Christmas? Top is complete & backing acquired.

project mini: I'm using the free Moda love pattern to use a different mini charm pack for each block. So far I have 10 blocks sewn & plan to set them on point, so I'm not sure how many I'll need total yet.

project improv: this is still only a top, but I have backing & batting ready to go - waiting on basting pins to come out of other quilts before starting this.

project Medallion: figured out my final border plan- just need to make it happen.

project pineapple: one of my #30daysofquiltdesign ideas, I've quilted in the words 'I know, you know' from the Psych tv theme & need to add some other quilting.

project butterfly: a quilt for baby M - I have templates cut, a modified pattern & fabric pulled for this one.

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