Friday, July 8, 2016

Project Snapshot

In the midst of prepping for Quilt Camp at work in June, I found out one of my coworkers was moving away - so what else can we do but plan a signature quilt to gift her before she moved?!

L & I tossed a few ideas out and then hit on using Polaroid blocks so that each staff member could choose a fabric to represent themselves. We had a grand time sneakily pulling people down the hall to the classroom where we set out our scrap bins for everyone. It was fun to watch each person dither over different prints before choosing the one that said 'this is me'. 

L & I stitched up the quilt and included two filler blocks using a mini charm of the Dogwood Trail II fabric as it represented Paducah & the Museum. The rest of the pack went into creating the back- a large Polaroid to act as our label.
back- complete with hanging corners
Once the top was complete we snuck down to the different offices and had everyone sign their name on their Polaroid blocks - such fun! Of course, the 'secret project' turned into a project that everyone except the recipient knew about, but we did manage to surprise her!

It was completed in about a week total since we had short notice, but we know it'll be a lovely reminder of her time at NQM & of all of us who will miss her when she moves. Linking this finish up at CrazymomQuilts for Finish It Up Friday!


  1. Such a lovely idea for a quick quilt - I'd never have thought of that. Mind you, no quilt is ever really that quick is it, still a lot of thought goes into it. I'm sure your co-worker was thrilled to bits!!