Saturday, November 7, 2015

what to work on next

Considering we're already a week into a month that also has a holiday weekend, it was tricky figuring out what would be my one goal for this month at A Lovely Year of Finishes. This is when it's good to have several ongoing projects at once.  I can look at my pile of WIPs and choose something that is manageable with my schedule.

This month, I'd like to finish the top for one of my secret projects- Codename: Forest. I've had a few sketches of what I wanted this to look like, but will need to finalize the design then finish the fusing to complete the top. As a secret project, I don't want to share too much but here's a sneaky peek!

Linking up at Fiber of All Sorts for another month of progress. I've managed to complete 8 of my goals already this year so here we go on number 9!

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