Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fourth Quarter Ambitions

Ready to Sew my way through Quarter 4 of the Finish Along and linking up at On the Windy Side! I've been taking inventory of my WIPs during the quarters this year and have a good number of quilt tops waiting to be quilted. So it's a good thing my Netflix list is also growing.
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Committing WIPs to a list is good motivation for when I have time to sew and a fun challenge to myself as well. This time I have several secret projects in the works and gave them codenames to help keep them straight.

Codename: HQ project - Basted
It's a secret project, so you only get a peek! Needs quilting & binding & gifting. 

Codename: SlapQuilt- Top
A secret project I'm really excited about. Needs quilting & binding.

Codename: Icetime -Top
Another secret project I'm really excited about, also needs quilting & binding.

Codename: Forest -Pieces/blocks
You guessed it- secret project in the early stages

Big Bear - Top
 Needs backing, quilting & binding so I can put him up on the wall when winter rolls around.
Improv quilt - Top
Backing was recently acquired, so it needs basting, quilting (the tricky part on this one!) & binding. 

Disco - Top
 Quilt top I made at retreat using Jaybirds Disco pattern & fabrics from Architextures & Botanics! Found backing fabric so it needs basting, quilting & binding.

Science Fair - Top
 Another Jaybirds pattern! Backing fabric recently acquired so waiting for basting, quilting & binding.
Marsala quilt - Top
   Also needs: backing, quilting & binding.

Mini Charm Stamps - blocks
 These blocks are ready to stitch into a top, then backing, basting, quilting & binding. This quilt grew out of my obsession collection of mini charm packs and the desire to make something with them. (and not just let them stack up on the shelf...) I chose a postage stamp style quilt because I wouldn't need to cut all of the 2.5" squares myself!  ;)  

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