Sunday, June 7, 2015

June:: the sort-of-secret-quilt

A Lovely Year of FinishesHappy June readers! Summer is here and there has been a lot to keep track of lately. I'm popping in today to get my June goal in for A Lovely Year of Finishes over at Fiber of All Sorts. My goal this month is to finish up the quilting on the baby quilt I'm making for L&D who just had a baby boy. Yay!

This quilt has been basted for about a month now, patiently waiting for me to have some time to quilt. I've pulled some coordinating Aurifil threads to work on this one and it should be a quick quilt to quilt. (say that five times fast!) 

I can't reveal too much of this project yet, as I'm keeping it secret until it's gifted. As my post title hints, it's only sort-of-secret since L&D know I'm making a quilt, but haven't seen fabrics/colors/design at all. This one will be such fun to deliver in person! Aren't baby quilts the most fun to make & gift?! :)
sneak peek!

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  1. Yes, baby quilts are the most fun to make and gift. And there are so many cute patterns out there, making one never gets old. Have fun finishing this one!