Sunday, March 1, 2015

March is here!

I love March!  Mostly because my Birthday is this month, but also because it means Spring is coming and that makes me happy.  :)

I finally figured out how to quilt the rest of my curves challenge quilt!  After echoing the main piecing, all the negative space threw me for awhile because I didn't want to take away from that with the rest of the quilting.  However, inspiration strikes at the most random times.  While  covering the front desk at work the other week when - BAM! inspired.   

I thought of the original Disney Fantasia where they bring out the 'soundtrack' and he showcases different instrument sounds.  After sketching a few ideas I knew it would be a great way to finish off my curves quilt.

snapshot of the Fantasia 'soundtrack' for inspiration

So once I was home, I pulled out my trusty quilting tools: Aurifil thread, water erasable marking pen, ruler & the lid to my wok.  What?  Doesn't everyone use kitchen lids/utensils when marking quilts?!  Haha.  The curve of the wok lid was perfect to mark the echo lines.  It's not even the first time I've used the lid in my quilting. <-true story.

Since the first echo lines were done in pink & orange, I used a coordinating blue & green this time.  I free-motioned the lines once they were marked.  My March goal for ALYOF is to bind this quilt and get it finished.  Linking up at Fiber of All Sorts and then auditioning fabrics for binding!