Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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I finally had a couple days off after Quilt Camp and enjoyed a long 4th of July weekend with Momm who came to visit!  With no specific plan, we made our usual stop at Hancock's of Paducah (yay fabric!) and enjoyed lots of quilty talk - upcoming projects, patterns & books to try, stopped in to see the new exhibits at work and caught up on MasterChef.

We crossed the river into Metropolis to visit the TARDIS which is at the local comic shop.  Lots of Doctor Who collectibles, posters, etc. and the owner is really nice.  He unlocked the TARDIS and the inside is painted and designed to look like the version with the 10th Doctor.  Very cool!  Of course, one  must take a quilt along when traveling through all of time & space. ;)

Then we hauled out other finished quilts and ran amok around town to get some fun photos! 

psalm quilt

quilt back

Typically, my finished photos include me spreading the quilt out on the ground or small hill and trying to get some decent shots before the wind interferes.  With a second set of hands we got creative - thanks Momm! :)

I have plans to take Swoon and my Kaleidoscope quilts home with me on later this summer for photos at the beach - stay tuned.

happy 4th & four year anniversary!

Friday evening we celebrated the 4th by heading down to the river for the fireworks show.  We stopped for dessert at Whaler's Catch ( a local restaurant).  Once we were seated, we realized it was the exact table we'd sat at 4 years earlier while in Paducah so I could interview for my current job!  We ordered the same thing we ordered the first time - the beignets.  So delicious.  My actual start date is approaching this weekend, so I'll be sure to mark that occasion as well.  

Then it was lovely to sit by the river, listening to the community jazz & concert bands until dark.  The barge arrived as scheduled and the fireworks were great.  I love fireworks, and Paducah does an excellent job with their celebration so we weren't disappointed.  I love the reflection on the river as they explode.

After the finale as people were leaving, there were 'bonus' fireworks - Mom & I figured they missed a row on the barge - so we stood in the street to watch those before heading home again.

Saturday was an early start as we drove east to Lexington - on the four hour drive we crossed about 13 counties and the Eastern Time Zone line!  Our destination, Quilters Square shop for a lecture by Mr. Aurifil himself - Alex Veronelli!  It was a fun shop and a fascinating lecture about the production of the thread.  He had great visuals and plenty of thread and quilts to pass around at the end as well - fantastic.  Definitely brought home why it's such a joy to sew with Aurifil!

All in all a quilt-filled weekend with Momm!  And a great celebration of Summer.
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  1. You have been busy...that's a lot of quilts. Great job. Love the photo with the train. Very cute.