Friday, June 6, 2014

Project June

It's seriously June and after having taken a bit of a project break in May I'm ready to get back to the machine.  This month my goal is to finish the quilting on my Swoon quilt.  

It sat in the sewing room since before Quilt Show (way back in April) and I'm ready to get back into this one.  I've got it maybe half quilted at this point so it seems manageable for the month.  :)

That being said this month is fairly busy at work as I have all of next week to prep for Quilt Camp before the kiddos arrive on the 17th!  Right now I've got about 50 kids out of a possible 64 signed up for our 4 sessions so it'll be the best kind of chaos - kids, quilting, fabric galore and my favorite work days of the year.  :D  I'm also going to sign up for a 5K that will be held on the runway of our local airport - sounds pretty cool to me.  

Linking up at Fiber of All Sorts and wishing everyone good luck in getting their projects finished this month.

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  1. The quilting you have already done looks great and I love the fabrics in the Swoon quilt. Can't wait to see it finished. And good luck on your 5K!