Thursday, May 22, 2014

NY mini Festival Quilt

This is my second entry into the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amys Creative Side.  This time I'm linking it into the Mini Quilt Category.

I made this quilt as a housewarming gift for friends of mine when they bought their first house.  I had a sudden wave of inspiration with this quilt and it didn't take long to put it all together.  I chose to make the Empire State Building as that's where they got engaged!  Their wedding was NY themed as well.

I knew it would be a perfect addition for their new space and something they would appreciate and love.  I had a small amount of the ombre tan fabric in my stash so it had to be cut carefully - no room for mistakes!  I fused it to the cityscape background (perfect for NYC) and freehand cut & sketched the antenna for the top.  After it was all in place, I used a button hole stitch to secure the edges of the pieces.  I quilted some lines radiating out from the antenna, outlined the building and added a few lines to help accentuate the verticality of the building.
I don't have a listing of the measurements on hand, but it was roughly 20" x 14".  The fabrics were all from my stash, I used Aurifil thread and leftover warm & white batting scraps that I pieced together.  The backing is also from my stash and is a gold ring print, the binding is a blue textured print.

This quilt was a lot of fun to make and my friends immediately put it up in their living room - hooray!  I'm so glad they love it and hope it reminds them of the joyous day in their lives.  Thanks for stopping by - if you like what you see - become a follower over there on the right or leave a comment.