Wednesday, February 20, 2013

to the Con!

I'm so thrilled to being going to Quilt Con with my Momm!  It's awesome to be going to the first show and I know there will be so many gorgeous quilts to see.  I'm also hoping this incoming winter storm (which will probably bring rain/sleet here to KY) won't be an issue in the morning. 

Here's 5 fun facts about me to join in on the meet up party [even though I'm cutting it close tonight].
that's me at the top of the Arch

1  My Aunt taught me to quilt one summer and when I got home, I hooked my Momm in too.  :)  I love all parts of quilting!

2  I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award.   Scouting took me to Savannah, St, Louis and Switzerland and I am a Lifetime member.

3  Music goes with me everywhere: car, work, home, in my head, iPod, etc.  I'm really quick at learning  song lyrics and pull them out to create a soundtrack for myself.

4  I've read Harry Potter too many times to count and went to most of the movies midnight opening.  I highly recommend the audiobooks too - amazing!  :)

5  I love my job!  I work at the National Quilt Museum and am surround by quilts all day, teach quilting to kids and get to learn & try new things all the time!  Serious fun happens at my desk.

Looking forward to seeing the quilts and those of you going this weekend.  Otherwise, I'll see you back here in blogland next week!  Onto the Con.  

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