Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP :: 12/19/12

the one with the list!
mosaic pillow sample

A few weeks ago I sat down to write up a list of my in-progress projects.  As the year winds down I thought it'd be good to list them up here and work on finishing some of these up in 2013!
It doesn't seem *too* overwhelming so that's a good thing to start off with in the new year.

Completed tops::
Birthday Swoon
Summer Sampler
Roman Stripe
Psalm quilt
Pointless Wonder

Still in progress::
GS Quilt
Strip quilt 
Momm's strip quilt
Sunflower applique
Hawaiian applique blocks

Meanwhile, I finished up my sample for a new Junior Quilter project at work.  I'm excited for the girls to work on these pillows.  It uses the ticker tape method and scraps from our bins - win/win!  It was really fun to make and think they'll have fun with it too.


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  1. wow! Love the pillow! Great job! I have to investigate the ticker tape method you mentioned though! Lovely work.