Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Happy December!  I'm already counting down the days left of work before my vacation (12 for anyone interested).  It doesn't feel like December here - this week it's been in the upper 60s/70s so far and that makes it hard to think about candy canes, snow angels and such. 

This year I got my first tree (artificial) and was able to clean enough this weekend to be able to put it up.  I love it!  I carried on tradition by watching White Christmas while putting on the ornaments, each tied on with red yarn.  In our house, our ornaments are keychains or tickets or something from places we've been or things we've done so each one has a story and it's fun to pull them out each year and remember where we got it!  

I have my own small collection of ornaments now that I have my own place and enjoyed putting them on the tree.  Some favorites include: a vacuum tube from my first job, a Toblerone candy bar keychain from our trip to Switzerland, guitar pick from Nashville and an Anne doll from PEI.  The only problem once they are on the tree and you want to find a specific one - it takes ages to spot it!

I also got some other decorations out and was relieved to see that I had enough candles for my Advent wreath this year.  I couldn't find any tall purple or pink candles the other day.  I also drove through the park to see the light display and found a Christmas music radio station.  Now that the tree is finished, I want to make a tree skirt for it - we'll see how that progresses!  It's nice to sit with a book or my computer by the glow of the Christmas tree so here's to you taking time to do the same. :]

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