Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot #7

Fall has been wonderful here.  Nice sunny, blustery days with those skidding grey clouds across the blue-blue sky.  Trees turned some wonderful shades of golden yellow, rich reds & crisp oranges - mostly set against some of the stubborn holdout green. 

Some of the best days have those wonderfully brisk mornings and the sun peeking out to set the trees on fire.  On those days, I miss being able to smell McCormick spices in the air after stepping out of the door.

 The down side for these days is that it gets dark at 5pm.  It completely screws up the body clock so that I think it's later than it really is.  I figure in another couple weeks that will even out enough.  Here's a great snapshot from the other night.  Taken after I got off work, before it got truly dark!

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