Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mug rug mix up

mug rug    noun
         :: a small, coaster-sized quilt where you can set your cup & snack together

     - I set my milk & cookies down on a mug rug so I don't get crumbs on my papers.

Mug rugs are fairly easy to make since they don't require a lot of fabric, or lots of time to create - and they make great gifts!   You can make them any size, shape and color so it gives you some freedom of expression.  I like that they are quick to make start to finish and give me a break between the larger projects.  I also like to use them to try out some new techniques on a small scale with scraps to see if I like it enough to make on a larger scale.

Oh, did I mention that they are addicting as all get out?  
So be warned: you can't make just one.  :)

Here are some that I am in process of making at the moment.  

(and no, they are not all for me!) 

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