Saturday, April 9, 2011


So I got all excited about my birthday and having M&D come down to party that I didn't even post about it.  Oops.  :o)  We just had so much fun that I didn't think about it until waay later. 

I love birthdays and usually spend the preceding weeks in a state on anticipatory excitement.  I was glad to not have to spend this birthday on my own since I am now far, far away from friends.  M&D came down to help party it up in style and we packed a lot into just a few days.  
There's an Argentinean restaurant here (who woulda guessed?) and we went to try the rodizio fun.  They had 6 different types of meat that they bring around to your table and you can choose to take it or not.  We tried all types and wowza! they were good.  I can't imagine going to a larger restaurant where they have 10+ types of meat...

bday pie
We also went to Panera and I got Dad hooked on chocolate pastries....yummm.  I've been rationing out the birthday chocolate pie we had over the last week to extend the chocolatey goodness.

Dad summed it up quite well so here's a brief overview of all the B!day fun:

Hugged.  Un-packed.  Got taxes done.  Psych!  Went shopping.  Made French press coffee.  Fixed blinds (had spare parts).  Changed light bulb (how many dads did it take?).  Evicted the birds.  Hugged.  Got cable modem, wireless router & scheduled Comcast installation.  Set up shredder.  Mass.  Argentinean rodizio B!-day dinner. Hugged.  Saw Despicable Me.  Had double chocolate pie for celebration.  Went to a wine tasting.  Slept.  Twice.  Chocolate pastries rock.  Reheated coffee.  Hugged.  Set up quilt light.  Walked to the river.  Lots of quilt-y talk.  Hancock’s.  Took out garbage.  Packed up.

 All in all another wonderful birthday complete with fun adventures, family & friend phone calls and cards and a natural high for several weeks in anticipation.  
Here's to the next year - may it be full of adventure and good things!

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