Friday, May 4, 2018


Happy Star Wars Day rebels! Seeing as I had to work today I couldn't be too obvious about it being May the Fourth - so I wore appropriate accessories instead. 

I was happy to hear a couple months ago that @justjoshinkids was hosting a third round of the mini quilt swap for Star Wars this year and I had to sign-up!  Couldn't miss this round after having such fun and seeing so many awesome quilts in the last two versions! Check it out on instagram for more: #maythe4thmqs3

My partner was a fan of Darth Vader and paper piecing so I was happy to find this sweet pattern on Fandom In Stitches. I wanted to make it fun and decided to make him in color for a little pizazz. It came together quickly and was fun to quilt the mask to be most impressive. Even managed to stitch in my bumblebee so he blends in on the front, but is visible on the back!

I also used @quietplay patterns for these coasters. Really thought the tiny pieces would be super tricky, but they were easy to work with and they were quick to piece & quilt. Always a plus with paper piecing! 

My partner loved the quilt and I'm glad it has a happy home!

Here's what I received in the swap - my very own Ewok! A stuffed one and a quilted one.  :)  I love it & can't wait to get it onto my mini quilt wall!  Linking up with CrazyMomQuilts for Finish It Up Friday. Also at Finished or Not Friday.

Hope you enjoyed your day rebels & watch out for tomorrow -> Revenge of the Fifth!


  1. The Darth Vader is awesome!

  2. Oh very good! Right down to the earrings and necklace - a true fan! Your Vader is fantastic, I love it.