Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OMG April is here!

RedLetterQuiltsOMG is right! 

This is one of the busiest months at work due to preparing for the influx of quilters for Quilt Week Paducah. So I have a whole week blacked out and with that in mind my goal for April is a quick one (I hope). I'm participating in the #maythe4thmqs Instagram swap which is all about Star Wars! :D  

Am super pumped about my idea which got a huge dose of inspiration-Andy Warhol-style. I've got my mini quilt started and my OMG is to finish it before Quilt Week this month.

Here's a peek at where it is currently - fusing the outlines, will need to outline stitch the edges and then plan to FMQ quilt in each background.

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