Friday, May 15, 2015

Neon Mosaic Contest: #1

Happy Friday! Stitched In Color is hosting another one of her fab fabric mosaic contests and I had to participate. This one is "Nuanced Neon" and I think you'll need sunglasses to view all the neon filled entries. I apparently didn't read it closely enough the first time and made a 12-fabric selection before noticing the contest asks for only 9. So I dropped a couple prints and will use those to start my second entry - yup, you can enter up to 2 mosaics with all the neon you can possibly stomach! (Check out my second entry here: Curiouser)

Here's my first entry & I call it: Dino-Brite!


  1. Aren't these fun? I love this, especially with the name :)

  2. So bright! The Dino print is awesome.