Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WIP :: 12/17/14

Christmas is coming!!  It'll be nice to be home for the holiday with family and be able to relax and refresh with good food, fun, hugs and hopefully some snow.  I was happy to make it to the park to drive through the light display earlier this week and had a fun time at trivia last night with friends. 

Last month while at Hobby Lobby I discovered blank cards in red & green and decided I could craft up my own Christmas cards this year and spread some cheer.  With the help of a 50% sale, I picked up the cards, some stickers, colored Sharpies, washi tape and confetti.  

Of course, I only managed to sit down and work on them this week!  I love how they turned out and was thrilled to drop them in the mail this morning. 

There's still more to cram in this week at work and not-work: packing, cleaning, eating food so it won't go bad, see friends, watch some Christmas movies & Doctor Who episodes, get some sleep and finish up a few projects.

I'm making good progress on my tree skirt so far this week.  Last night I measured my tree base, took a deep breath and cut the quilt so it'd fit around the tree.  I then wrapped it around the tree to be sure and phew - it fit.  I've pulled a red and white print from my stash and made bias binding and some ties.  These just need to be stitched down (hopefully by Friday) so that I can put it under the tree and enjoy it this year.
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Meanwhile, I've outlined the center piece of my curved challenge quilt and am stumped on how to finish it.  I want to add some more quilting in the negative space purple, but don't want it to touch or distract from the already stitched echoed lines. I was thinking a line of bubbles or swirly things top-to-bottom, but nothing has been quite right yet.  Any suggestions? (picture to come)

Linking up at Freshly Pieced this week and sending a huge shout out to everyone finishing up those last minute projects!


  1. That is such a pretty tree skirt! I love it.

  2. I love this! One of these years I will actually make one. Funny, it was one my first sewing projects I was going to make years ago and never actually did it.