Tuesday, August 20, 2013

who's that girl?

Last week I was ready to get my pinwheel quilt basted so I can start figuring out how to quilt it until I realized that all, and I mean ALL, of my safety pins were currently in the Kaleidoscope quilt.  Clearly I needed to sit down and start quilting!

detail shot
I opted to quilt only in the grey triangles so that the orange & raspberry colors would pop and stand out more.  I FMQ back and forth lines across the grey spaces and really love how it looks.  While quilting I like to watch movies or TV shows to keep me occupied and I watched about 2/3 of New Girl.  It reminded me of why I liked the show when it first aired and was a great accompaniment to working on the quilt.  

This one will need a fun name so any suggestions are welcome!  I'll be working on names while finishing the last bits of FMQing and prepping the binding for this one.

That means all of those safety pins have been removed so now I'm ready to baste that Pinwheel beauty!  ;)


  1. that has happened to me with my pins on more than one occasion. I finally invested in enough to keep a few quilts going at one time! then again, it really pushes one to get the pins out and the projects quilted, so it's not such a bad thing. I love your color and quilting choices on this quilt. the back and forth lines look great in the grey spots. I think your idea worked like you hoped. =)

  2. Your FMQ looks great - so tidy and evenly spaced! I'm looking forward to seeing this all finished. I love a bright kaleidoscope quilt!

  3. Fabulous. I love the colours you are working with and the quilting is perfect for the pattern.

  4. Hi there! I love the colors and that you are quilting only the grey pieces! Why don't you call it 'That Girl'?