Tuesday, September 4, 2012

school block challenge

This is a Public Service Announcement especially geared for those who teach or have kids preK - 12 grade.  You've been warned.  ;)

Each year hundreds of kids across the country participate in the School Block Challenge contest. Many are introduced to quilting & fiber art for the first time and many return year after year.  Co-sponsored by  Moda fabrics, the kids get to create a quilt block using 3 challenge fabrics and have their blocks exhibited in the gallery at the Museum.  So exciting & inspirational!

Okay, so if you're interested check out this link for the SBC contest.  Or pass it on to someone who might know some younglings that may like to dabble in quilting. All the details including the challenge fabric for this year, rules and last year's winning blocks are in the link. 

Okay, PSA is over - but I do hope some of you are encouraged to share this with your own younglings/students after checking it out.

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