Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP :: 8/22/12

Already back around to Work in Progress Wednesday - this week is flying!  Makes sense considering Saturday is one of my biggest events of the year at work.  Our Kidz Day in the Arts program is here again (this will be my 2nd) and there are all sorts of things to finalize this week. 
 I posted earlier about the mini Olympic torch craft that will feature for Kidz Day.  I did not mention that I have 600 stars cut out (courtesy of the Go! cutter thank goodness) and 300 squares of construction paper cut into 3" x 4" pieces.   We are also doing an art piece based on the Olympic rings, so I have 300 12" squares cut and ready to go as well.  And that's only a couple of activities for the day!  It'll be a blast for sure and I'm hoping to beat last years' number of about 630 people.  :)

I've recently won 2 contests! So exciting and am eagerly stalking the mailbox. :D
#1: I won a layer cake over at Sewn Studio's blog by playing along with her Project Runway bingo. so much fun!
#2: I entered the Moda...Cutting Table blog contest for the Quilt Olympics and won the Silver medal! Go check it out and see how fitting my comment about a team event was since Momm came down for a quilty weekend!

Momm & I had a fabulous time quilting this past weekend!  My living room becomes sewing central as we have a table for the machines, fabric stacks on the couch and chairs, ironing board in the hallway and a cutting table half in the hall under a light.  It's still not all back where it belongs yet but is slowly getting there.  So much for having organized my sewing room last week!

-J's quilt: top is finished and plans for backing & quilting are figured out too!  Can't show a photo as that would ruin the fun.  ;)  We spent a lot of time deciding on colors and then deciding on layout once the pieces were cut.  It looks awesome though.

Again with the new projects this week!  
-Sample squares:  these are 12" quilt sammiches to practice some FMQ designs.  Momm had several done before coming, and I churned out 9 over the weekend causing Momm to make more & keep up. 
sample sammies
 These are so fun! and quick to do in the small size.  They will certainly be a good place to look when I need to figure out how to quilt the quilt! Some designs were inspired by Angela's new book Free Motion-Quilting.

-Book stashing:  In the last couple of months my quilt book collection has exploded!  I've received several as gifts and can't wait to really get into them and try out some quilts.  [must finish J's quilt and Swoon first methinks....]

in progress
-Christmas Quilt: I need to give this one a different name first of all. I attached the binding over the weekend and have one corner finished already.  It's sitting on my chair waiting for a free evening so I can work on it.
roman stripe blocks

-Swoon - still figuring out the last bit of backing

-Roman Stripe: aka the picnic/summer quilt. Made a handful more blocks and have about 50 of them now.  I want to lay them out soon and see how it looks when I get the chance. Love making these beauties.

no progress
-GS quilt
-summer sampler
-swap blocks

Hope you had a great weekend/week too dear readers.  Stay tuned for an update post-Kidz Day!  :)

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  1. Ooh, like your roman stripe blocks!! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.