Wednesday, February 9, 2011

View from the Front

More snow!  It's exciting to get actual snow and not just flurries this time around.  Some people have asked about the weather here and were surprised to learn it gets cold here too - today was a high around 15 degrees.  Monday morning I woke up to about 4" on the ground (and roads and car) and it continued to snow all day ending up with around 5-6".  That took the area by surprise as the roads weren't treated at all so it was a bit tricky getting in to work.  I also helped shovel the walkway so our visitors could get from their cars to the front doors without trudging through the snow. 
This morning, the snow was expected and it was nice to wake up and watch it snow all day long. It was more of a fine, powdery snow but still snowball-packable.  Roads weren't too bad this morning, but coming home they were still sloppy and the roads in my neighborhood weren't treated at all.  They were all snowy and I'm sure will be more icy/crunchy tomorrow as a result.

Several co-workers didn't make it in as they had longer drives/hazardous roads and then a couple more left early for the same reasons.  This meant that we had 5 on staff for the better part of the day.  It also meant that I got to learn how to run the front desk and was able to watch the snow fall out the front windows.  I needed to learn how to run the desk anyways, and it was nice to have a semi-quiet day in which to learn it.  Basically, I answered the main phone line, answered questions, directed visitors to the galleries and took admission.  

I brought some work with me and was able to get some more prep work done for several events.  Aside from remembering which buttons to press to operate the register, it was difficult to have to stay fairly close to the desk at all times.  I wasn't able to bounce around between different rooms or big projects as much and so I had to stick with the work I'd brought up with me.  Now I'm ready to fill in as needed at the Front Desk.  Next up - learning to work the gift shop register!

stealth snow angel!
The snow let up just in time to head home and once there, I put on my boots and traipsed out for a short walk in the last bits of twilight.  The apartment office doesn't do any snow maintenance so the sidewalks are all snowy-turned-icey.  There were several stretches of sidewalk without any visible footprints so I got to make some new tracks!  I also managed to sneak in a couple stealth snow angels - I'll never get tired of making these!  Made me think of frolicking in the blizzard (snowpocalypse) last year with LF & convincing LK to make snow angels with me at 2am while on retreat in college.   Good times!   :D

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