Thursday, December 9, 2010

Notes from the Week

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write"   -in the stylings of Bing Crosby

This week in the mail, amidst the coupon catalogs, sale notices and wrong tenant letters, I received my first Christmas cards of the season!  It starts to feel like the holiday season a little bit more with each card and it'll be nice this year as I won't be able to see all of my dearest friends over the holidays like usual.  This also means I have to make sure to get mine out soon so as to not be behind this year.

It definitely feels like winter here and there are some flurry images on the weather forecast so here's hoping!  >insert snow dance here<   I've pulled up my Christmas play list while in the car and at work (where we've been decorated since Halloween) and am thinking about buying a tree as well, but so far the only decoration that's made it out of the box is my Advent wreath.  

 Last weekend I went ice skating downtown which was fantastic!  It was super cold out, even with some hot chocolate, but I had a great time.  I got to use hockey skates for the first time and have to say I prefer those over the figure skates.  I always seemed to get tripped up *toe pick!* on figures, and didn't have much trouble with the hockey skates.  I didn't fall or run over any of the little kids zooming in all directions so I'll take that as a victory on ice.  There's still the matter of learning how to stop without using a wall or natural slowing, but we can save that for a later lesson right?  ;o)

Thoroughly enjoyed the Glee episode this week as well and laughed at & loved the fact that Sue rigged Secret Santa.  Genius!  Also great was Kurt & Blaine's rendition of "Baby it's Cold Outside" and Wham's "Last Christmas."  I have yet to find a station that is playing solid Christmas music on the radio though and although most of them have interspersed the normal with holiday tunes it makes for a refreshing change.  I drove through the holiday lights in the park the other night which are pretty and festive and free! 

I'll leave you to your warm cozy thoughts and dreams of white Christmases, pretty decorations, holiday mail and hot chocolate for tonight dear reader.  
   ......fa la la la laaa......

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